Every year the EVCOMference programme is packed with panel discussions, keynotes, and discussion workshops, across topics including creativity, client relationships, the hybrid workforce, AI and diversity.

Check out the EVCOMference 2024 programme below:



10.00am – 10.30am : Arrivals and refreshments

10.30am – 11.15am : Keynote: Better Together: What all businesses, brands and teams can learn from studying Gangs

11.20am – 12.00pm : Discussion Workshops

12.00pm – 12.30pm : Break

12.30pm – 13.10pm : Discussion Workshops

13.10pm – 13.50pm : Lunch

13.50pm – 14.30pm : Keynote: Tapping into your Creativity

14.35pm – 15.55pm : Discussion Workshops

15.55pm – 16.10pm : Break

16.10pm – 16.40pm : Discussion Workshops

16.40pm – 17.20pm : Panel Session: What’s the future of the industry?

17.20pm – 17.30pm : Conclusion and take aways

17.30pm – 18.30pm : Drinks Reception


Better Together: What all businesses, brands and teams can learn from studying Gangs

Gangs are incredibly successful historical entities – for good and for bad. From the Women’s Institute to the Hells Angels, from the Brownies to the Moonies and everything in between. Ever since we humans have been on Earth, we have come together with like-minded individuals who happen to share a set of common values, beliefs or objectives. In other words, we have formed “gangs”. What are the ten lessons that businesses & brands can learn from studying them? And how will it make your team undeniably successful.

This session will cover:

  • why gangs are successful entities
  • why and how to reclaim the word and the concept for good
  • the ten elements that make all successful gangs and examples of how to apply them to your team or business

With Kevin Chesters

Create Your Path

In our second keynote of the day, writer and artist Lucy van Smit will be talking about how teams and individuals can tap into their creativity. She’ll discuss the importance of creative freedom and knowing yourself, delving into behavioural and neuroscience wisdom to help you understand how you can invite creativity in, and shape a consistent creative approach and practice.

With Lucy van Smit

Panel Discussion

What’s the future of the industry?

A panel of industry leaders will conclude the day, by looking into the future of the industry and exploring what it holds for filmmakers and event organisers.

With Richard Godfrey (Rocketmakers), Christina Nowak (New Chapter Production), Andy Dobson (Merlin), Abena Fairweather (Legacy Events) and Ryan Dean (RD Studios)

Facilitated by Jonathan Brigden (Distortion Studio)


Demystifying Virtual Production and XR Workflows with Christina Nowak (New Chapter Production) and Carlotta Merzari (Northforma Entertainment)

This session will answer all sorts of questions around the practicality of virtual production, its pros and cons, and when is the right time to use it. Christina and Sarah will discuss how the workflows operate and the top 5 things you need to know before deciding whether it is the right way to go.

AI: The Relevance to the exhibitions and events Industry – and the near term impact with Paul Hannah (Shelton Fleming)

This session will focus on where AI is today and the trends and use cases that are emerging within the industry, and open up the debate on what is needed for a successful AI roadmap into tomorrow.

Unlocking Event Insights: Unlocking event data to better understand the customer journey with Natalie Bibbey (Cvent)

In today’s digital landscape, customers leave behind a trail of data as they interact with brands and events across various touchpoints. Analysing this data across your event programme can unlock crucial information about their preferences, behaviours, and needs, and help prove ROI to your clients and their stakeholders. Join us for this interactive session where we delve into how you can use technology to collate, analyse and activate this data, unlocking valuable insights and helping drive business growth.

Fire Me with Simon Boniface (Brands at Work)

Simon’s into experimenting with new tools… and he also has a fondness for trying to break things. Join him as he shares some of his creative insights from almost 25 years of collaboration with agencies and leading brands, where he will be discussing:

– Can we do away with creatives in an age of generative AI?
– Do we still believe that there always be things that AI just can’t create for us?
– What does a creative team even look like in an AI driven future?

Creative Technology in Events with Richard Godfrey (Rocketmakers), Andy Dobson (Merlin Entertainments) and Jonathan Brigden (Studio Giggle),

Technology is supporting creativity in events in new and dynamic ways. Richard, Andy and Jon will explore data generative artwork, and use of AI in interactive work. Plus, they’ll talk about what software – like Unreal Engine, Notch, Touchdesigner and media servers like Pixera and Disguise – can do to help you create extraordinary experiences!

Where’s my content? And how’s it doing? with David Orman (Greenfish)

How do new technologies help production companies better store, search and share content?


Building Client Relationships – In the Moment & In the Future with Viktoria Bebbington (The Edge Picture Company)

Getting and keeping clients is one of the most fundamental features of a successful business. Learn how to use your existing skills sets and how to uncover some of the more unexpected ways of building relationships – it’s all about being human!

Building Efficient and Empathetic Creative Leaders with Oliver Atkinson (Casual Films)

The most efficient teams are led by empathetic leaders who individualize their managerial approach. Learn how Casual runs, and develops, their creative teams. In this discussion, they’ll explore their core management philosophies – accountability, mastery, purpose – that enable their leaders to run highly effective creative teams.

Strategic Growth: Navigating Mergers and Acquisitions with Barnaby Cook (Studio Yes)

Plenty of talented, creative business owners know how to build their small or medium empire. But that doesn’t mean they have the insight or knowledge to exit effectively. For a lot of us that means selling our company and getting back some of the value we’ve created. This session will cover the different types of exit, why you need to think about the buyer, business valuation and the importance of setting goals that align with your motivations. Even if you don’t plan to sell anytime soon, it’s never too early to start building a solid business that’s attractive to a buyer.

Building and Maintaining a Company Culture with a Hybrid Workforce with James Simpkins and Mary Carter-Lee (2Heads)

A powerful culture is essential to any company, but nurturing one for a creative hybrid workplace is complex. It can be extremely challenging to sustain long term agency growth in the absence of a connected and seamless culture.

Join the discussion with James and co-host Mary as they share their thoughts, learnings, and insights on how to solve cultural challenges, make long term improvements and navigate the ever-evolving hybrid landscape.

How do you Engage and Train Talent in a Hybrid World with Laura Capell-Abra (No More Ifs or Buts)

In this session, we will explore strategies for effectively engaging and training talent in a hybrid work environment. We will look at the importance of flexibility, communication, and recognition, while highlighting the role of digital learning platforms, virtual workshops, and mentorship programs in fostering growth and productivity. Also underscoring the need for continuous adaptation to meet the evolving needs of employees in the dynamic landscape of hybrid work.


Diversity, Inclusion and Culture with Amos Eretusi (The Kusp)

Amos Eretusi will delve into connecting authentically with diverse talent, facilitating a working environment that enables progression and fostering safe spaces for diverse talent.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace with Jules Sander (Diverse Thinkers)

Jules is an experienced production executive (former head of production at a responsible business agency) and a qualified psychotherapist and coach specialising in neurodiversity.

She will share some of the findings from her research on neurodiversity in the workplace. The discussion will include valuable insights important both for neurodivergent individuals and their colleagues in the creative industries.

Sustainability and Film with Jenny Manby (Plastic Pictures)

The average shoot day in London emits 1.5 tonnes of CO2; enough to melt 4.5 sq.m of Arctic sea ice! Reducing emissions is not only crucially important for the planet we all call home, but is increasingly required of us by our clients as they work towards their own reduction targets. This session will walk through the basics of how to track and reduce production carbon emissions, as well as the questions you need to be asking when making sustainability comms. How can we avoid greenwashing? How can we maximise the brainprint of our films? What IS brainprint?! It’s a lot to think about, but in a world where sustainability is no longer just a moral issue but a business one too, it’s time to talk sustainability.

Why everyone should be using Apprenticeships with Anna Green (Broadsword) and the Broadsword apprentices, Amy Weir and Bruce Slee

Anna will introduce the Broadsword apprentices, and cover how Broadsword uses apprenticeships and the benefits of apprenticeships across all levels of seniority. This session will feature plenty of myth busting, and an important reminder that building apprenticeships into your business isn’t hard!

What can the creative industries learn about inclusion from the Armed Forces? with Lindsay Macduff (BFBS)

Join Colonel Lindsay MacDuff, a trailblazing inclusive leader with 30 years international military and diplomatic experience. Lindsay will share his honest view of how the Armed Forces get the best from their people – and where they get it wrong, so you can avoid making similar mistakes! Challenging hierarchy, overcoming homogenous groupthink and being a conservative radical will be considered.

Making Sustainability Intrinsic to Successful Event Design and Management with Abena Fairweather (Legacy Events)

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