EVCOMference is our annual conference, a one day event which gathers industry leaders, experts and newcomers together, for a programme of key note speeches, workshops and panel discussions.

Details of EVCOMference21 will be released soon. We had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 conference due to Covid-19, but you can find out about the 2019 programme below:

‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’
Navigating the New Normal

We are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, and it is completely transforming the way we live and work. In a world where disruption and uncertainty is the new normal, how can creative companies navigate the new normal?

At EVCOMference19, a convened panel of industry experts will come together to spark conversations about some of the new challenges facing the creative workplace today.

Open to all levels, this is a strategic and tactical opportunity for leaders and their people to explore ways we can fully activate our human potential to thrive in the future.

We’ll explore the growth-agency mindset and look at ways in which forward-looking agencies are finding and defining brand purpose and their DNA.

From purpose to impact;
– finding, defining and refining brand purpose.

We’ll explore the growth-agency “day-to-day” and look at ways in which forward-looking agencies are moving from old hierarchies to new mindsets and re-imagining structure and staffing.

From old hierarchies to new mindsets;
– re-imagining structure, staffing and skill set.

We’ll explore the growth-agency talent pool and look at ways in which forward-looking agencies are winning in the search for talent and encouraging and enabling constant skills development.

From needs-based to life-long learning;
– designing and enabling constant skills development.

We’ll explore the growth-agency leadership practice and look at ways in which forward-looking agencies are finding the insight and energy to re-rejuvenate and inspire in-house teams.

From managing to leading;
– re-rejuvenating and inspiring in-house teams.

With a purposeful mix of theory and practice and allowing ample time for case studies from leading agencies at every stage of the growth cycle, we look forward to a highly engaging and enjoyable event.

Find out more here.

EvComference 2019

 Venue and date details: COMING SOON 

For any queries regarding EVCOMference21 please email coordinator@evcom.org.uk.

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